Manage Your Product Ecosystem Over its Entire Lifetime

At M31 we work with you through the whole product lifecycle – from the first concepts through to industrialisation, support and the end of the product’s life.

Our approach combines strategic design and product development services, our own integrated hardware and software solutions offered as SaaS, and close partnerships to develop Intelligent Products and Digital Services.

We focus on maximising the Value through open and secure interactions between your product, digital services and the different actors in the healthcare ecosystem.

Creating and Managing Product Ecosystems in Healthcare


Our Purpose

To solve the problems that limit and threaten people’s quality of life
through the use of deep technologies.

Product development

We are an experienced team of software engineers, hardware engineers,
mechanical engineers and industrial designers, driven by solving complex problems and creating products users love.

With skills in edge and cloud computing, robotics, business process automation and blockchain, we can provide key
components or full-end solutions.


Our hardware and software solutions help your products to be more effective and to interact with their whole value chain.
Our electronic boards are the edge unit of your device and enable digital services.
Our Cloud solutions manage your data, workflows and integration with your ecosystem.

Digital Services

Our Cloud Services bring to the healthcare sector the innovations of AI and data management in IOT and IIOT to create the best
foundation for the development of medical devices and apps.

We use technologies to imagine and build new and sustainable business models based on custumer-centred services to improve lifetime Value of the Product.

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Case Studies


Using the smartphone to perform retinal screenings. This is the former idea of D-EYE.

M31 believed in this idea and created the company known as D-EYE Srl.

Our smartphone becomes a medical device able to perform retinal examinations, share data and referrals. A new step towards the modern concept of digital health.
For D-EYE, M31 managed:

  • Business and innovation strategies
  • Product development and commercialization
  • FDA and CE Medical Certification processes
D-EYE with children and doctor

Laboratory Automation

M31 supported its Customer for the strategic design and development of a new line of ESR devices.

  • Improved management systems
  • Mechanical, Software and Firmware Redesign with the improvement of number of sample per cycle


Adaptica produces Internet-connected portable devices that allows retinal screening in remote locations.

For Adaptica, M31 managed:

  • Development and production 2Win device motherboard
  • Algorithms development for the adaptive lenses used in the commercialised devices.


Centervue has years of experience in developing retinal imaging devices and microperimeters. Its devices help doctors diagnose and monitor eye disorders, retinal diseases and glaucoma with high accuracy and quality of TrueColor images and automation. M31 created Centervue in 2008 and sold it in 2016 to Zignago holding.

For Centervue, M31 managed:

  • Business and innovation strategies
  • Algorithm and software development for DRS device

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